Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today is just another day. Another ordinary day with a lil text with my sweetheart at this normal morning. And a long walk to my pick up point, an ordinary small nap in the bus. The normal breakfast, the normal tap card. the normal reach to the office, the normal ignorant feeling. the normal switch on of the computer.

Everything seems so normal, and so boring and  By action of this normal scenarios that happens all day in your life, we feel so boring especially you see ur friends or others are better in their life. But somehow actively, the most acticipating things is just what's running in ur brain while doing all the normal stuff. It enlighten if there's a  target and a dream and damn sure you know it's gonna work and someday you leave this too-normal-events.

And that'll enlighten your day and keep on going.

well, actually it's not that that's enlighten my day, it's a post of my fren. NeverFailsToMakeAwesomeStoryWithTheWordHeUsed.
You know who u are, uhmm. Guess not. CHAOSZ

Ces't Moi Marcus

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have been doing ntg lately. Just composed some songs to share.

QuanShi JieZuiHaoQiDeZAPFAN jiu shi zai yew tee, M R Tee de Ge pi. Shu Yao ni yi qi pei wo CHI.

Just to dedicate this song to Nicholas Choi. heh.

AHHH piano is now staying too near to le home. And my schools starting just next weeeek! UGGHHH bad things happens But im sure this two bad things starts together will somehow eventually become a positive things. By LOGICAL. If you are me, then you will understand, If not, looking to the dictionary can never help you get it figured out too! hehe. Its gonna be legendary :)

Well, just went hometown and Korea for Xmas and New year eve celebration. Not the best year nor the bad year because we all had too much of the best and the worst times already at this age, So everything around us seems NORM. Heh. Been kinda so called tied up to 50 Shades of Grey. Not a bad book but a pornish book. One does not simply read it if you are under 18 except you have a very very very bad vocabulary, Anyway, u wont understands them. because i kinda used to create that meaning instead of finding the real meaning by looking up to dictionary.

Heh. So whats the point of reading write, atleast there's some imagination that ought to be settle in my mind. and also killing time. Heh

Ces't Moi, Marcus

PS; So is my french really that bad? Laters! heh

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Supposed to be on 12/12/12 =0.0833333

A simple date with someone special on a special date. It’s a monthsary on 12/12/12. The first month has been really great for both. And yeah, we only remember the bad things, so sort of covered up into a not so awesome month for both.

BUT after yesterday. Le piano is too gooood. To have a letter prepared and a beautiful gift! Hmm guesss that the thing I needed most after all this while. Loving it darn much! :/
A little of updates, lifes been good with the surrounding and people around, getting much more adaptful! But I guess, good times will always comes to the end, my school time gonna starts in a month time. Not sure how long should I take to adapt this time round.

Sometimes in life, we all do things so flawlessly. The more we do that, the better we gets. So flawlessly routined. But when only one mistake, one mistake would have really enough. Just enough to hurt you deep to the throat. :/

-Moi e'st Marcus-

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A post than a beer.

It's time. to have a post more than a beer :)

Been long. again. and it's good to be back here. sitting in front of le computer and starting to write some thoughts, doesn't really have much in brain but just free time. Busy day busy having fun and busy of plans. ofcos busy of slacking around. Things has been changing quite fast at a very slow and stable pace, everyone starting to get adaptable, Much more of a standard routine to suit one's lifestyle in surviving the weekdays.

Ofcos, craving for the weekends is the thing that we thought about at the weekdays. Working suck, It never has been good, but I'm sure we are good, in adapting.
The lost fun rough kids has now started to change into somewho 'Man'. Plan has never been any more rougher or expected or surprisingly good times in life right now. The fun of being a kid will never be back and the fun of being someone in transition would be really priceless and it's gonna be one hell of the best period of life. Yes until the day before i starts my school in Jan. Well, who gives a shit, we are champion in having fun anyway :)

Remember my last post of this dusty blogspot, this is the second part of it. 'Have faith'.
In this 3 months time, i guess we kinda establish a officially newly formed 'double'
Well to be exact,tried the first time with a super romatic way but kinda failed the because le piano expectation le too high. and yeah really did nailed the 2nd time. although not a very perfect and elaborated answer was given but to be positive, we have to be adaptable to optimistic, so. yeah we're kinda official now. with le piano. Uhh, in term of relationship, is still pending-to keep the suspends and fun going ;)

The best part of the life in transition. IS from moi birthday till vous birthday. The end of a chapter of the life.
Hope you had a great one. Piano :)

-Moi est' Marcus-

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Because both of us are gonna get awesome no matter how bad a situation could be. Everything will be fine at the end, if it's not fine, then its not the end. You have my words :) Please have faith.

Right now, until i grasp the adequate confidence. I will chase until your mine! :)
because hurting you by giving blank promises is the last thing i will do 

imy- piano xD

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Sometimes somewhere somehow. Depressfulness feeling has been overflowing throughout my every single parts of my moving body. Not sure if its work, or stress of work, or reallly get pissed of work or ' what the hell man, it's monday again'?

After working for just a few days of OT. Realised i missed out so much. so much until i felt boundaries between peepaws. Where i feel distanced inner-ly. Not sure if this only happens everytime during a transition in nest shifting. Or my brain is really so fucked up that i felt like suiciding by eating my computer right in front me. Not sure if its enough to kill me.

I wanna get used to what im living in right now like how i used to be in my poly time. Where adapting is so important, if  not how are we gonna live this fked up life right. Hope in time i could adapt more than people ever imagined because in a few more months. Part time degree is kicking in and i can no longer figured how many computer should i eat to stay normal and to maintain this awesomeness.

Or everything of this happened because i have not enought sleep last night? CHEEEHH then this post is redundant thanks for reading and god bless you for supporting my blog till now! wheeee :)


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whentwoegofriends rehtohcaerofllef

Sometimes in life. Things happen. No matter how many degree it turned, it all depends on how big the changes are over the adaptfulness in us. If you could adapt on it, well that's certainly a good breakthough for you. but if you're unable. Too bad. Your gonna have your most depressed period.

Everyone of us and us were so great enjoying the peakest moment in our teenage life. Well one action, I cannot say its right or wrong- just the feeling of doing it. I did it. Everything began to change. From the happiness into awkwardness and into desperate-ness i could say.

Well, ofcos something happened in me. To be honest, at the beginning, i could adapt 0% of how changes infront of my eyes. When something is just not right whenever i tot of that. When there are so much dilemmas and so much jelly in the mind. When you know you are wrong but you're just following your heart.

After some disgratefullness, after what had happened last month. After some dying moment in me. I had finally figured out by only caring the right stuffs. Everything seems to be going into a positive way. Well, the only way to stay happy and contented is to think of everything are not yours, you came empty-handed and everything u achieved is not a permanent success but a temporary gift.

ps: we're just too special to not stay as _ _ _ _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ _ _